SiteEye remove barriers to quality real-time operational decision making and see beyond current events to manage future conditions.

At Umwelt, we have combined more than 26 years of excellence in environmental and social consulting services.

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With latest research into impact assessment methodologies and our patented advancements in algorithmic problem solving, we bring you our latest Umwelt Innovation – SiteEye.

We know our customers are constantly striving to control costs, drive growth and improve operational performance, all while maintaining regulatory compliance and strong community relations.

SiteEye simplifies the complexity of operational site management by connecting our knowledge with leading edge scalable end-user technology so you can observe more, act more and learn more.

Invest in knowing more. SiteEye removes ad-hoc, poorly integrated legacy systems and improves operational workflow by providing access to crucial environmental site information, analysis, predictive tools and management actions exactly where and when it’s needed.


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