Helping you to better manage your noise and dust impact levels to reduce downtime.

Compliance Notifications

Reduce manual effort to manage environmental compliance

Our automated, real-time, event-driven notification technology delivered to mobile devices drives rapid resolution of environment issues. Meaning you don’t need to keep a constant watch.

Management Response

Record & access actions in one location

SiteEye provides site operators and management with easy access to record site responses to event-driven notifications and view a consolidated log of responses over any time period to assist with regulatory reporting obligations and assist with future site planning.

Predictive Planning

Rapid assessment for site operators

Streamlining complex data sources to facilitate smarter decision making. Multi-element predictive modelling tools to guide future operational decision-making for defined operational scenarios and actual meteorological conditions.

Dynamic Source Assessments

Complex decision making simplified

SiteEye provides for GPS tracking technology to allow in-depth assessment of complex mobile noise sources comprising vehicles, plants and equipment.

Risk Prioritisation

Long term planning assessment for future site needs

Manage business risk by assessing operational scenarios against your site conditions to inform long-term planning.

Scenario Assessment

Anticipated condition assessment for site operators

Access multi-element predictive modelling tools and fuse complex information in real-time to achieve rapid impact assessments of proposed management actions in the ‘now’ following event-driven notifications.


How we help to streamline your operations

Cloud Based

We securely store, categorise, and analyse your site data in one platform. Our scalable platform allows you to reduce your investment in systems & infrastructure and save time managing disparate systems and processes. Being cloud based, you can rapidly respond to changing operational needs with the assurance that SiteEye is accessible no matter where you are.

Customisable Modules

SiteEye is available as a fully integrated site operation and planning platform, with individual modules that can be added to suit your site needs. Our modular platform gives you the flexibility to support all your existing or planned operating sites. You can deploy it locally in any region or globally across your entire network of sites.

Management Focused

We stay on top of regulatory changes. We work closely with our customers, regulators and industry partners to build cost-effective solutions that meet your specific operational and regulatory needs. Our team of Environmental Consultants identify environmental issues in a practical way, and our Site Environmental Management team of experts address these through our platform to deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

Smart Data

Our Site Environmental Management Platform provides you with access to real-time, integrated impact overviews, heat maps and fine detail analytics to assess and manage the noise and dust impacts of your site.

Proactive Response Management

Our patented algorithmic advancements allow you to make better informed decisions on real-time compliance issues and proactively manage business risk with faster and more deliberate site management responses.

Secure Connectivity

SiteEye removes complexity and makes it more efficient and faster for you to evaluate, initiate and manage change across your operations. Data security is fundamental to the design, installation and configuration of SiteEye. We ensure the safe exchange, management and storage of confidential client data.


in equipment shutdowns leads to overall increase in site productivity*


in noise complaints leads to reduction in operational costs*

*Based on client results



Our unique approach to solution design & implementation is circular. This approach allows our customers to engage with the Umwelt Team, tapping into any of our key phases, at a point that best suits their business needs.



Analyse your Needs

Umwelt’s Environmental Consultants work with you to understand your requirements – identifying the modules of our SiteEye that will best suit your site and ongoing operational needs.

Architect the Solution

Our technologists work with you to architect, configure and deploy the platform. We architect the platform and desired modules so it captures all major equipment/sources on your site.

Ongoing Optimisation

As your business needs evolve, so can SiteEye. At any stage we can work with your team to further customise modules to optimise the outputs of the platform in line with your site’s bespoke needs. Our team is continually evolving the platform, a key feature our clients have the opportunity to benefit from.

Implement & Operationalise

When your SiteEye is configured, all your modules and site data will be captured, analysed and be accessible via our intuitive cloud based interface and real time dashboards. We provide you with a range of on-going support options including remote and on-site, as required.

Why You Should

Work with us

Umwelt has successfully delivered over 5,000 consulting projects across a range of sectors nationwide.

Industry Leaders

By partnering with Umwelt, you get the benefit of genuine expertise and 26 years of excellence in environmental and social consulting services.

Manage Costs

We can help you to maximise productivity targets within environmental boundaries.

Decision Making

We aim to empower frontline leadership to make informed real-time decisions and facilitate site planning.

Increase Productivity

By using SiteEye, you will maximise your return on unit investments by reducing downtime and environmental delays.

Increase Operational Performance

Remove ad hoc, poorly integrated legacy systems and improve operational workflow by providing access to crucial environmental site information.

Ongoing Optimisation

Our environmental monitoring & management platform is flexible & agile to evolving operational environments – from day to day management to site planning activities.

Regulatory Compliance

Work within the regulatory parameters making you ready for the future.

Community Relations

Building strong community relationships through transparency, best practice technology and innovation.

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Find out how we can simplify the complexities of your site operations.